Welcome to Ohio for Responsible Gambling

Ohio for Responsible Gambling is an initiative aimed at promoting responsible gambling in Ohio. Four state agencies in Ohio are working together in this effort: The Ohio Lottery Commission, the Ohio Casino Control Commission, the Ohio State Racing Commission, and the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (OhioMHAS). OhioMHAS serves as the resource partner for the initiative and the lead agency responsible for prevention and treatment of problem gambling.

Common Warning Signs

  • Bragging about winnning, exaggerating wins and/or minimizing losses.
  • Spending a lot of time gambling, thinking about or planning to gamble.
  • Restless or irritable when no gambling.
  • Borrowing for gambling.
  • Hiding time spent gambling or hiding bills and unpaid debts.
  • Lying about how much time or money is spent on gambling.

Tips for Responsible Gambling

  • Set limits on time and money.
  • Know risks before you bet.
  • Keep gambling a social activity.
  • Never borrow to play.
  • Don't chase your losses.
  • Bet only what you can afford to lose.
  • Gamble with money set aside for entertainment.
  • Never gamble when depressed or under stress.
  • Avoid mixing gambling with alcohol or other substances.

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